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If you are looking for a company that can offer you a professional massage service in New Hope, PA, Healing Hands Massage Therapy is the right choice for you. With me as your massage therapist, you can enjoy professional Reiki, Swedish, or deep tissue treatments. I will help you improve your concentration, blood circulation, sleep quality, and energy levels. My massages also help to reduce anxiety and fatigue.

Massage Therapy


Why Choose My Services?

I am a skilled and experienced massage therapist who knows how to ensure your relaxation and satisfaction. Here, you will enjoy a soothing and welcoming environment and massage therapy that will exceed your expectations. Do not hesitate, and contact me to restore your body and spirit!


How Is My Company Different?

Renowned for my reliability, integrity, and professionalism, I am always ready to meet the requirements of my clients. Whether you are experiencing back pain or fatigue, or simply want to relax with a deep tissue massage, I am always here for you. My rates are reasonable, and your satisfaction is my top priority.


Based in New Hope, PA, Healing Hands Massage Therapy is the right choice for people who want to receive an outstanding deep tissue massage service. Make sure you are turning to a specialist and call me at (267) 247-6924 to schedule an appointment!

Services list

  • Massage Therapies
  • Reiki Therapy
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage